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Oct 2017
Thomas Stegemann
Oct 02 2017 06:57
@Horusiath thought about differences in .net core libs and .net framework, if same class in lib of platform is in different namespace. But there may occur also problems related to platform if using binary serialization (think of little or big endian) so the serialized class of a lib is not the only influence
Oct 02 2017 10:09
What is the status of "Akka.DistributedData" ?
Is there any good sample for it ?
Arsene T. Gandote
Oct 02 2017 11:53
Hello Geeks, do I need some special ACL to start an Windows service built using Akka.Remote since I will be opening port on the windows servver?
Aaron Stannard
Oct 02 2017 14:18
serialization differences are sometimes between versions of the library, not between platforms.
there are major serialization differences between .NET and .NET Core
default namespaces changed for built-in primitives
protobuf or MsgPack will avoid this issue @beachwalker
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Oct 02 2017 14:20
@jalchr I've got one example that shows an async/await API (not very good fit to communicate between actors, but good for using DData outside of an actor system): . Also keep in mind that LightningDB plugin is not yet stable (its binary format will change in the future).