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Oct 2017
Oct 10 2017 11:46
@Horusiath I'm using DistributedData to track state across multiple nodes that share same 'file processing'. I'm using it like a "Shared Dictionary". So its a kind of acknowledgement at the business level. The processing of files takes time, so performance is not an issue.
When you say "run-out-of-memory", do you mean that state is never cleaned ? I'm ensuring that I remove everything that is marked as "done processing". Are we safe ?
Oct 10 2017 12:35

Hi. I'm trying to secure a remote system with the new SSL support.

There are two actor systems, that both talk to each other with remote actor selections.

System A's config:

remote {
  dot-netty.tcp {
    port = 11293
    hostname = ""
    enable-ssl = true
    maximum-frame-size = 4000000b
    ssl {
      suppress-validation = true
        certificate {
          path = "C:\\foo\\bar.pfx" 
          password = "baz"
          flags = ["user-key-set"]

System B's config:

"remote": {
  "dot-netty.tcp": {
    "port": 11292,
    "hostname": "",
    "enable-ssl": true,
    "maximum-frame-size": "4000000b",
    "ssl": {
      "suppress-validation": true,
      "certificate": {
        "path": "C:\\foo\\bar.pfx",
        "password": "baz",
        "flags": [ "user-key-set" ]

When system B tries to do an actor selection using the address:

An error is thrown:
'No transport is loaded for protocol: [akka.ssl.tcp], available protocols: [akka.tcp]'

Any ideas why this is happening?

Aaron Stannard
Oct 10 2017 15:20
no idea offhand
would you please file an issue? We'll try to reproduce it
Arturo Sevilla
Oct 10 2017 16:46
Hi, I've introduced a behavioral change in the Serilog adapter, which I believe is currently inconsistent with the docs, and now is more ad-hoc with how you expect a logger to behave, could someone care to comment on this change? akkadotnet/Akka.Logger.Serilog#33
Deniz İrgin
Oct 10 2017 17:59

hi, we updated our applications akka version from 1.1.3 to 1.3.1 and change helios to dot-netty.tcp. We also updated Akka.Serialization.Hyperion from to 1.3.1-beta.

After we started our cluster we getting error below ;

Cannot find serializer with id [9]. The most probable reason is that the configuration entry '' is not in sync between the two systems.

        serializers {
          hyperion = "Akka.Serialization.HyperionSerializer, Akka.Serialization.Hyperion"

        serialization-bindings {
         "System.Object" = hyperion
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Oct 10 2017 18:06
@Blind-Striker serializerId=9 is by default used by distributed pub sub message serializer. Check if you for sure added fallback to DistributedPubSub.DefaultConfig()
Deniz İrgin
Oct 10 2017 18:08
@Horusiath Where should we add this configuration. We using hocon for configuring our applications
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Oct 10 2017 18:13
you can put it as a fallback right before sending configuration to actor system
murat mert
Oct 10 2017 18:17
@Blind-Striker can you add actor config section ?
Deniz İrgin
Oct 10 2017 18:17
So do i need to add this lines before creating actor system ;
  var section = (AkkaConfigurationSection)ConfigurationManager.GetSection("akka");
        var clusterConfig = section.AkkaConfig;

        _actorSystem = ActorSystem.Create("notificationSystem", clusterConfig);
@muratmert i have 3 different nodes
Deniz İrgin
Oct 10 2017 18:27
@Horusiath we added DistributedPubSub.DefaultConfig() as fallback but we still getting same error