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Oct 2017
Oct 14 2017 09:29

Hi @Aaronontheweb
In your post here: , you mentioned the following:

The PersistenceId and the SequenceNr, together, form the primary key. And the sequence number is a value that monotonically increases in-memory inside the persistent actor - so imagine if you have two actors with the same PersistenceId but different sequence numbers writing to the same store. It will be chaos and will inevitably error out - so that’s why it’s crucial that every PersistenceId be globally unique within your ActorSystem (at least for all actors writing to that store.)

I have a question regarding the "PersistenceId" in in a cluster. Does it work like this or should I need a specifier per node ?

Joshua Garnett
Oct 14 2017 14:05
Good morning everyone
Oct 14 2017 15:17
how stable is the .net port of the framework compared with the original akka version? Do we have information on that?
Joshua Garnett
Oct 14 2017 15:32
1.3 brought in some breaking changes, mostly that was to bring it closer to the originak Akka version
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Oct 14 2017 17:24
@jalchr PersistenceId is an unique logic identifier of a target component, think of it as i.e. user id.