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Oct 2017
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Oct 21 2017 06:47
@joshgarnett regarding MDC - each actor has a method called bool AroundReceive(Receive handler, object message) that is invoked for each message. You can use it as a sort of aspect programming in your actors.
Shamsul Amry
Oct 21 2017 09:26
Finally figured out that the shape that you want to use its materialized value from must be passed as a parameter to GraphDsl.Create. Answer from
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Oct 21 2017 09:44
@shersh my guess would be that you're materializing your graph with runnable.Run(materializer) and then you're disposing materializer immediatelly after
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Oct 21 2017 09:54

Guys, any examples of using Framing.LengthField(x) method in Tcp.Streaming?

@shersh this essentially tells: get first X bytes of the stream, convert them to the int - this is the length of the next frame. Make sure that the next ByteString passed will be of provided length before pushing it to the next stage. Then repeat the process for the next frame

it should be pretty useful for message serialization/deserialization, as you can prefix message with its frame length, and simply get it chunked in the correct pieces on the other side.
Roman Golenok
Oct 21 2017 10:25
@Horusiath thx for explanation.
Joshua Garnett
Oct 21 2017 12:20
@Horusiath I believe that method is sealed
Scatch that, not sealed, but marked internal
Ismael Hamed
Oct 21 2017 14:08
Seems like Akka.TestKit.Xunit2 wasn't bumped up to v1.3.2, or publishing is taking too long
Stephen Newman
Oct 21 2017 19:12
@Horusiath a while back I remember you in a conversation regarding serialisers. Hyperion is fine until v1.0 but there was a better serialiser to use in real life that allows us to be more confident that different versions of messages can be deserialised - chiefly so the cluster can be upgraded in chunks rather than all at once. Trouble is I can’t remember the name of the serialiser that was being recommended. Help?
It doesn’t look like the documentation includes the internal modifier
I’m all for removing the modifier or adding some preMessage/postMessage methods