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Oct 2017
Oct 23 2017 09:55
Hi, I've upgraded to v1.3.x and found that persistence query EventEnvelope now has an opaque Offset property. When I update my read store projections, how can I keep track of the latest offset (previously it was stored in the database as int64)?
Oct 23 2017 10:24
Nevermind. I can cast it to a Sequence and use the Value property
Aaron Stannard
Oct 23 2017 14:45
@ismaelhamed weird
you're right
I'll need to do a manual push of those today
and review why we didn't publish
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Oct 23 2017 15:46
@joshgarnett internal protected doesn't prevent you from overriding - personally I'm using this method quite often
Joshua Benjamin
Oct 23 2017 20:23
Is there any way to remove/add routees to a router after its creation? I have a scenario i need to cover... I have a pool of tcp connections to a few Impala hosts. I want to use smallest mailbox to router messages to these but if one of the connections die I want to remove it from the router until it is healthy again.
Load balancing with a health check basically