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Oct 2017
Kris Schepers
Oct 24 2017 08:06
Hi @Horusiath , where are we on the BatchingSqlServerJournal these days?
Oct 24 2017 14:37
Hi guys. As I've read, Akka serializes events as byte array with specifying .Net type. Does it mean that Akka can deserialize objects with private setters only, unlike, for example, Newtonsoft.Json?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Oct 24 2017 16:42
@schepersk it should work now (see Readme) - please keep in mind that it's targetting v1.3.1 - we spotted a bug in Akka.Persistence v1.3.2 that breaks compatiblity with Akka.Persistence.SqlServer v1.3.1. It will be fixed when sql server version will catch up core.
@annymsMthd you can allways add and remove routees, all you need is to send AddRoutee or RemoveRoutee directly to router ref
Aaron Stannard
Oct 24 2017 18:42
@ismaelhamed update on the XUnit issue on #3173
should have those packages going live shortly
looks like some of the changes to the .NET Core SDK stopped packing those two projects; no idea why
Aaron Stannard
Oct 24 2017 18:48
@alexvaluyskiy looks like the latest DocFx changes broke our publishing step
taking a look at the build logs now
[20:42:27]    [Step 3/3] Failed to upload artifacts via FTP. Reply was: 550 The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. 
[20:42:28]    [Step 3/3] Step Azure Websites Upload (FTP Upload) failed
stupid issue
not sure why that happened
I'll re-run that later on today; have to do a version bump on the dev branch anyway as a placeholder for 1.3.3
Oct 24 2017 19:02
We have persistence actors but they are short lived and aren't reused. We are using SQL-Server and our Metadata table can get very large. Our PeristenceId is <someName>-NewGuid. Is there some way to clear out the Metadata table? Upon our actors shutdown we are doing DeleteMessages(SnapshotSequenceNr) and this is cleaning up the EventJournal but we noticed the Metadata hangs around.
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Oct 24 2017 19:12
@nate-dahlin unfortunatelly purging metadata table is not there yet.
Oct 24 2017 19:31
Thanks. Is it in the works or should I open an issue or anything on it?
Joshua Benjamin
Oct 24 2017 19:54
@Horusiath thanks. That's where i landed too.