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Oct 2017
Oct 26 2017 03:32
Thank you @Aaronontheweb . I will probably create a supervisor Actor and delegate the work to it, as I don’t like calls with a good chance of “expected exceptions"
Oct 26 2017 09:02
is it ok to forward the same message to multiple children?
I have a TriggerMessage sent to an actor, which should trigger the same event for its children. Is it ok if I use the Forward message from the Receive in the parent/supervisor actor?
Lutando Ngqakaza
Oct 26 2017 12:38

Hi all. I have a problem with my cluster shard, when I send a message to the shard coordinator I get the following error.

[WARNING][10/26/2017 12:37:56 PM][Thread 0005][[akka://rucluster/system/sharding/ThingAggregateManager#1393897854]] Trying to register to coordinator at [/system/sharding/ThingAggregateManagerCoordinator/singleton/coordinator], but no acknowledgement. Total [1] buffered messages.

stumbled across this but it looks like it is trying to register the coordinator in the wrong place? I actually am very new to cluster sharding so any help appreciated

Arjen Smits
Oct 26 2017 13:01
@fleed yes
But keep in mind that Forward also preserves the Sender property
Oct 26 2017 13:02
Thank you @Danthar
Stijn Herreman
Oct 26 2017 14:04
I have a unit test that asserts a certain method was called while handling a message. What's the best way to wait for all message queues in the (test) actor system to be empty, in the unit test? Currently I do await featureSupervisor.GracefulStop(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1));, which seems to work, but I'm wondering if there's a better way.
Hmm, actually that only works when running the test in isolation, but not when running the entire test class.
Stijn Herreman
Oct 26 2017 14:43
Perhaps a better question is: how do you test a fire-and-forget message? With a regular void method, you'd assert for some side-effect, but with TestKit the assertion is done before the message is handled.
Aaron Stannard
Oct 26 2017 14:44
@Lutando hmmm
mind filing a bug report for that?
I'll look into it
Alex Achinfiev
Oct 26 2017 23:56
Is there a place to get PDB files for the Akka dlls? I am trying to debug an exception in persistence library after upgrade and seems to only have a DLL without PDB files. Thank you.