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Nov 2017
Jack Wild
Nov 02 2017 11:44
A few weeks ago I submitted a PR to the Akka.Persistence.MongoDB project to upgrade it to 1.3.1 of Akka.Persistence. Has anyone managed to look at this yet? I've upgraded it to 1.3.2 today…
Nov 02 2017 13:23
Hello. I am a newcomer to Akka.Net and the Actor Model. I've spent some time around the documentation and have a few simple questions around integration with existing messaging infrastructure. Anyone up for a little Q&A?
Alex Michel
Nov 02 2017 14:26
Hi, I get System.ArgumentException: An entry with the same key already exists. in SortedDictionary.Add in ConsistentHash<T> Create<T> method.
I use ConsistentHashGroup with constant number of Routee actors that I create at service start for it's whole lifetime. The exception happens in callstack of router Tell()
Paweł Bańka
Nov 02 2017 16:13
I have a question regarding logging. In a clustered system, if I set in HOCON akka.loglevel = DEBUG, then I'm flooded with GossipStatus messages even though I explicitly set both akka.cluster.debug.verbose-heartbeat-logging and akka.cluster.debug.verbose-receive-gossip-logging to off. Is that expected behavior?
Adam Busch
Nov 02 2017 17:11
Hi. I noticed the Akka.MultinodeTestRunner and Akka.NodeTestRunner packages went x64. Not only do they generate architecture mismatch warnings now but the x64 arch seems to be the reason I can't plug the MNTR as a custom VS test adapter for my x86 VS 2015. Any reasons for going x64? Thanks!
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Nov 02 2017 17:56
@eyal-perry-coralert what messaging infrastructure are you talking about and what and how do you want to use it?