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Nov 2017
Jeff Pang
Nov 10 2017 04:26
Hi I am trying to figure out how to correctly design Akka's actor to break up a single large job. This job in particular involves 10k - 100k inserts, but all the inserts belong to the same single group.
I am trying to break up the inserts into batches of 1k
but i will need to know when all the inserts are completed and then proceed to the next stage of processing
so, I am not certain what is the correct way to track this
if I am to keep a count, then that will mean I will have to share state if I increase the number of instances of the same actor?
Ismael Hamed
Nov 10 2017 06:42
@seantempleton Context.GetChildren(). Also, take into account that GracefulStop is async. There's a good example in
Kris Schepers
Nov 10 2017 10:12
Hmm, Persistence SQL Server plugin. Why is the Manifest field not being filled in anymore?
Kris Schepers
Nov 10 2017 10:22
Owkay, my bad. My serializer was returning false for IncludeManifest..
Sean Templeton
Nov 10 2017 14:07
@ismaelhamed thanks! That looks like a good example