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Nov 2017
if this gets released as a source-only package benaadams/Ben.Demystifier#2, I think we could clean up a bunch of stuff around our remoting pipeline in particular using some of that
Nov 13 2017 07:32
Arsene T. Gandote
Nov 13 2017 10:06
Hello Geeks, I am still struggling with the Akka Persistence API particularly with the Event Sourcing and CQRS. I would like to know how does Akka fit with the CQRSLite framework? Also if there is a good real life example to show when and how to use the Akka Persistence API.
Bart de Boer
Nov 13 2017 10:18
It's too bad PetaBridge doesn't offer an advanced course on Persistence, specifically, @Tochemey
Ismael Hamed
Nov 13 2017 12:26
@Tochemey @boekabart Alternatively, there's tons of literature for the JVM, and concepts still apply
Aaron Stannard
Nov 13 2017 17:10
@boekabart I have a plan in mind for 2018 to expand our course load significantly
it's taking a back seat to some other projects we're working on, but it's something I've wanted to do. Have at least 3 new courses I want to add, that being one of them
and one on Akka.Streams and a detailed cluster dev-ops course
also, at some point here, going to try to add a TestKit section to Akka.NET Bootcamp too
since that comes up a lot
Darren Ford
Nov 13 2017 21:02
What is the best way to prevent gossip message starvation when using consistent-hash-group and pushing large(it's actually not that many) quantity of small messages through clustered group routing? I am triggering some messages that run jobs for tenants distributed around a cluster. When this triggers and starts pushing these messages to the actor(actor per entity), it appears to be starving the cluster of it's gossip messages and nodes are dropping out.
Michael Dadashyan
Nov 13 2017 22:08
Hi, Is there a way to start actor system, get actors ready and only then join the cluster?