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Nov 2017
Bart de Boer
Nov 15 2017 08:34
If there's only 1 'calculator' that's always true, but this completely removes your ability to parallelise your calculation process
unless the aggregator knows for how many 'finished' messages it must wait
Arsene T. Gandote
Nov 15 2017 12:34
Hello how do I configure akka in netcore appsettings.json
Nov 15 2017 12:35
Hi Guys, Serializable attribute exisits in both akka and in netstandard 2.0
how do u solve the issue?
Bart de Boer
Nov 15 2017 16:49
@Tochemey you can't directly (see @alexvaluyskiy 's issue aspnet/Tooling#1057 ), so your fallback would probably be to read a file (akka.hocon ?) yourself and inject that string in your ActorSystem constructor... and optionally, make that filename configurable in appsettings.json
Or, of course, have a base hocon in code/resource, and patch relevant parts of it based on separate appsettings.json settings. In my experience, you don't typically want to allow 'config' to change all of your Akka.Net behaviour anyway, so just make the parts you want 'flexible' to be configurable.
patching hocon is super easy in almost all cases, by just appending lines at the end of the 'default' hocon, with fully qualified identifiers instead of { { nested structure
Michael Dadashyan
Nov 15 2017 20:32
@Horusiath Sorry - could not reply to you earlier... Regarding manually joining the cluster. How should I configure the system? Can I just remove seed nodes and keep all rest of cluster related stuff in the hocon? will my cluster-enabled routers deploy correctly after system joins the cluster manually?
Bert Lamb
Nov 15 2017 20:36
I have an actor that encapsulates an class that uses EventHandlers, how do I properly convert the Calls to EventHandlers to Akka Messages?
xmppClient.OnIq += (sender, incomingIq) => { var self = Self; self.Tell(new XmppIqMessageReceived(sender, incomingIq)); };
That is what I have currently, but of course that is getting There is no active context exceptions
Bert Lamb
Nov 15 2017 20:52
feeling dumb, I got it figured! :)