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Nov 2017
Jesse Connor
Nov 18 2017 03:39
scratch that, generic aggregator and temp actor seems to be working alright so far
Nov 18 2017 17:33
I want to implement a workflow in an actor: 1.verify user permission (rest call to authentication service) 2. Verify if transaction can be done (call to another service) 3. Write transaction to database 4. Send purchase orders to warehouse 5. Create purchase confirmation. Ideally I want to do this via 5 lines with async. I will receive the client order in the actor and then start The workflow. I know that async is not allowed inside the actor. But is it possible to span of a task to run this workflow?
Daniel Söderberg
Nov 18 2017 19:00
@awb99 sure async is allowed inside an actor. Where did you get it's not allowed from?
public class MyActor : ReceiveActor{
    public MyActor(){
        ReceiveAsync<string>(async _ =>
                await Task.Delay(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1));
Nov 18 2017 22:59
@raskolnikoov I read that using async basically blocks the messages and therefore pipeto operator exists.
@raskolnikoov thanks for your sample!