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Nov 2017
Nov 19 2017 17:35
Nov 19 2017 19:41
Is there a http module for akka. Net? Scala akka has http module with Websocket and rest bridge.
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Nov 19 2017 20:11
@awb99 unfortunatelly not yet. Akka.Http is pretty big thing, and team is already stretched quite far
Bart de Boer
Nov 19 2017 20:22
I typically find it fairly easy to write the whatever-Http-Framework -2- Akka bridge . Never miss that it's not 'built in'. I've done it for Owin,, Signal.R (classic), nancy - never felt like 'too much work'.
It's almost always either .Asking <Response>(request) in your handler function. Not much more to it.
Nov 19 2017 21:08
@boekabart thanks!
Nov 19 2017 21:16
@Horusiath thanks!