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Dec 2017
Sam 塞缪尔
Dec 03 2017 07:31
Thanks @Horusiath . I realised the async method being called does not respect CancellationToken (is non co-operative). even if I wrap it inside a task that can be cancelled, the actor then continues but system resources is held up. I'm thinking I'll use the cancellation token anyway and maybe switch actor state to something like paused and then log a fatal. I wish i have a way to abort that task forcefully without killing the thread
Jack Starke
Dec 03 2017 14:48
Hello, I'm just starting my Akka.Net deep dive, where can I found more information about Akka.Streams? Is ?
find not found more information :smile:
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Dec 03 2017 14:51
@jackstarke there are pretty massive docs on the Akka.NET streams subject:
Jack Starke
Dec 03 2017 14:52
@Horusiath Thank you very much... this is what I needed...
Onur Gumus
Dec 03 2017 23:44
Why doesn't. Akka use schedulers