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Dec 2017
Hyungho Ko
Dec 05 2017 05:30
@Aaronontheweb thank you for your concern.
Akka.TestKit.Xunit2 supports .NET 4.5 currently.
Akka.TestKit.Xunit2 depends on Xunit 2.3.0.
Is it possible to support Akka.TestKit.Remote on .NET 4.5?
Dec 05 2017 16:12
Is it possible to stop reading events from ReadJournal, and start to read them from another offset without stopping the view?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Dec 05 2017 17:43
@DeepChipolino_twitter depending on what you have in mind:
  1. Each ReadJournal method has a companion CurrentXYZ method, which completes the source, when there are no more elements visible in current journal backend.
  2. ReadJournal methods also accept from/to sequence numbers, so you can set arbitrary to which point you want to read your data.
  3. Optionally you can also combine ReadJournal source with KillSwitch to be able to manually complete stream at any point in time.
Dec 05 2017 17:44
@Horusiath thanks!!
Lev Lehn
Dec 05 2017 23:24
Do I have to unsubscribe from EventStream? Or is it done for me when the actor dies?