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Dec 2017
Alfredo Herrera
Dec 13 2017 03:44
Guys - is persistence sharding supported by the SQLite store as of version 1.3.2?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Dec 13 2017 07:16
@alfredherr what do you mean by persistence sharding?
Bart de Boer
Dec 13 2017 07:49
Sidenote: we've recently found out that Akka.Persistence.Sqlite is pretty bad at the SQL traffic pattern typical to Akka applications: INSERTs are reaaaallly slow
For example, a postgres spinned up on the same machine in docker outperformed it by like 10x
Bart de Boer
Dec 13 2017 08:54
So think twice before settling on Sqlite ...
Saepul Ramdani
Dec 13 2017 09:56
I found bug on Udp, when client sending several data (different byte array), Udp.Received sometimes will give wrong bytes (the length is correct, but content isn't)
I'll write issue soon
Saepul Ramdani
Dec 13 2017 10:07