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Dec 2017
Vasily Kirichenko
Dec 28 2017 07:13
@Horusiath no Stack Overflow after getting rid of actor CE :)
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Dec 28 2017 07:16
@vasily-kirichenko thx for check. Regarding passing IActorRefs, it's usually a safer way: i.e. you can watch over actor ref to get notified when underlying actor is terminated
Vasily Kirichenko
Dec 28 2017 07:17
Tomas Lautaro Lopez
Dec 28 2017 13:46
Is there a way to dinamycally populate hostname and public-hostname of remote config with the actual IP of the computer?
Dec 28 2017 18:41
How you cluster your persistence actor? I got UNIQUE KEY constraint error in dbo.EventJournal
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Dec 28 2017 21:31
@Sokal21 ultimately you can allway interpolate HOCON config string which you're sending to your actor system upon creation: ActorSystem.Create("system", ConfigurationFactory.ParseString(interpolatedString))
@ryzam persistence requires that only one actor should be allowed to write per persistenceId. Otherwise a event stream could be corrupted. For cluster scenario you can use Akka.Cluster.Sharding to achieve that.