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Jan 2018
Jan 01 2018 14:56
Hey, guys! Does current version of Akka support MSSQL server 2016 ?
I am able to write events but not a snapshots.. mm, not sure if it is a server problem or my system
Jan 01 2018 15:02
oops, sorry.. figured this out - my fault
Jan 01 2018 15:20
just need to know are there known issues with MSSQL 2016 or it is better to use sql express 2014 ?
Vasily Kirichenko
Jan 01 2018 15:23
there was an issue with 2016 at work some time ago, I don't remember what it was unfortunately :( We had to downgrade to 2014 for now.
Jan 01 2018 15:30
ok, thanks! looks like I will do the same )
Marc Piechura
Jan 01 2018 18:15
If anyone wants to start the new year with a contribution, here are some low hanging fruits 😜 akkadotnet/