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Feb 2018
Kris Schepers
Feb 22 2018 14:00
Hi @Horusiath , are there any decent examples on how PersistenceQuery can be used? Or better, can it be used for just simply creating a deserialized list of events (to use in a read model rebuild scenario)?
Or am I better of doing this myself?
Aaron Stannard
Feb 22 2018 14:33
@/all Akka.NET v1.3.5 is now live on NuGet
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Feb 22 2018 15:51

@schepersk afaik the simplest form is just:

akka.persistence.query.journal.sql {

You can leave the HOCON, then read journal will automatically try to connect to the default journal.

var readJournal = system.ReadJournalFor<SqlReadJournal>("akka.persistence.query.journal.sql");
// query using Akka.Streams
readJournal.CurrentPersistenceIds().RunForeach(Console.WriteLine, materializer);
Maciek Misztal
Feb 22 2018 20:49
hey all

can anyone elaborate on :

    /// <summary>TBD</summary>
    /// <param name="fsmEvent">TBD</param>
    /// <param name="state">TBD</param>
    /// <returns>TBD</returns>
    public delegate PersistentFSM.State<TState, TData, TEvent> StateFunction(FSMBase.Event<TData> fsmEvent, PersistentFSM.State<TState, TData, TEvent> state = null);

specifically what is 'state' in this case? right now it always seems to be null for me

Martin Clode
Feb 22 2018 21:59
Is Sql server the current best option for Akka Persistence?
Maciek Misztal
Feb 22 2018 23:36
@Horusiath I'm assuming that each message received by a persistent FSM is persisted? Can I tell the FSM not to persist an event that was received? For instance due to the event causing an exception in a given state?