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Mar 2018
Mar 12 2018 02:34
hey all. wondering if anyone has any advice or repos to share for good practices for akka streams. Are you seeing much reuse composing graphs? how are you arranging project code?
Vasily Kirichenko
Mar 12 2018 08:23
@Horusiath after updating Akkling to 0.9 (paket), the reference disappeared from all projects (.net 4.6.2)
Vasily Kirichenko
Mar 12 2018 08:29
Mathias Feitzinger
Mar 12 2018 11:00
hi guys, I have a question according to configuration in akka with hocon. What is the best way to do that? Inserting in App.config is in my opinion not the best way. Because you have no syntax highlighting or other helpful IDE support. Inserting in a own *.hocon file has the same problem.
So what is the best way to do that in a productional environment?
Mar 12 2018 11:06
@Horusiath It sounds interesting. Are there any examples of using cluster sharding with persistent actors?
@feitzi If you have your own *.hocon file you can use Visual Studio Code with HOCON extension -->
Mathias Feitzinger
Mar 12 2018 11:54
@Havret its seems that this extension didn't work. Furthermore its seems that the extension isn't under active development. Last changes are two years old.
and there should be something for VisualStudio, VSC is nice but i didn't want switch between this IDE only for the configuration
Ondrej Pialek
Mar 12 2018 13:53

@Havret sorry forgot to tag you

I am no expert but due to the lack of responses I'll chip in my two cents ;)
What you are describing is more or less what I would, except maybe persisting different events for the manager - with just the info it needs.
An alternative approach would be to build a projection of the ChatActor's events only based on the two events you are interested in. This way you would not persist another pair of events and only start those children that are still ongoing.
Yet another approach would be to use Cluster Sharding backed by Persistence that can restore your actors when they migrate between shards, but that would not survive a system-wide crash and would require you to use this distributed-centric system, which I am not sure if it's applicable in your environment.