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Mar 2018
Mar 28 2018 01:33
Hey guys, I am new to and am hoping to contribute to the project as part of a school project. I am looking forward to learning more about the project.
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Mar 28 2018 09:39
Hi @nbparrell . Contributions to project are most welcome! :D If you'll need some help, just call me, @Aaronontheweb , @Danthar or @marcpiechura (only note: I'm on vacations untill 8th of April, so I might be hard to catch ;) ). If you don't know where to start:
  1. There's a free bootcamp made by @Aaronontheweb, it's a by-example introduction to . There are also several different books and courses over the web, but I don't know much about their quality.
  2. There's also a Petabridge blog and youtube channel.
  3. You can also take a look at my blog with tag to find some articles.
  4. And of course there's an official documentation.
Mar 28 2018 11:28
A quick question that’s been in my mind about cluster / remoting maintenance: how do you suggest to deploy new releases without down time? Also about Hyperion serialisation is there backward / forward compatibility concepts? I might’ve missed a good article or documentation might be covering that. Feel free to rtfm me for this :fire:
Lutando Ngqakaza
Mar 28 2018 17:38

I have a small question. How can I best test my persistent actors recovery from persistence.

my first test case is to do it "black box style" i send x commands resulting in some good internal state changes. I kill the actor and then revive the actor and send a y command and observe the event coming from that actor using a probe actor who subscribes to that event being published

problem is when i kill the actor i just end up getting dead letters
Lutando Ngqakaza
Mar 28 2018 18:09
another question wrt my assumptions, if an actor is recovering does that mean it wont process any other non-recovery messages?
Lutando Ngqakaza
Mar 28 2018 18:18

docs read: By default, a persistent actor is automatically recovered on start and on restart by replaying journaled messages.

i interpret this as my assumptions as being right?