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Mar 2018
Jeff Pang
Mar 30 2018 07:07
@Tochemey thanks! I'll try it out
Stijn Herreman
Mar 30 2018 12:11
Hi, I see is deprecated. What is the replacement? still lists the VsTest package as one of the available packages.
Lutando Ngqakaza
Mar 30 2018 19:11
Anyone have a broad description of what ISurrogate is for in Akka.NET?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Mar 30 2018 22:39
@fanoI I don't think so. If you want to try, please share your results ;)
@Lutando in some cases you're not able to send some object over the remote connection, because it can contain context-sensitive data. For those cases Akka.NET offers ISurrogated interface - it allows you to specify a surrogate object, that should be serializable, but it's free to define its own internal structure. Upon deserialization, that surrogate object will be called to materialize into an actual object, you wanted to have back.
It's used i.e. in ActorRefs, which have pointers to actor's mailbox on local machine, but when they are send over the network, they can be deserialized into form, that still allows you to to use remote transport to reach that mailbox.