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Apr 2018
Apr 09 2018 14:00
Is it possible to send an Actor A from windows service S1 to windows service S2, and have that actor A be persisted when S2 is restarted.
I'm trying to come up with a good way to make a bunch of "dumb" service clients that pull their actors from some sort of actor registry.
Nick Polyderopoulos
Apr 09 2018 16:19
Is there somewhere a list with the currently available plugins for (For Example Persistence Plugins that were created by the community) ?
Aaron Stannard
Apr 09 2018 16:19
@NickPolyder not in our docs
that'd be a good thing to add though
we do have AkkaNetContrib:
which has some
Nick Polyderopoulos
Apr 09 2018 16:21
Yeap. It could at least have a list that are inside the core project. (For example i see that the core project has the Persistance for the SqlServer and Sqlite )
Apr 09 2018 19:00
How can I test PersistentFSM? Can I initialize it in specific state or feed it with specific evens as a part of my "arrange" test phase?