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Apr 2018
Lutando Ngqakaza
Apr 10 2018 07:54

quick question

        // Parameters:
        //   handler:
        //     The message handler that is invoked for incoming messages of the specified type
        //     T. It should return trueif it handled/matched the message; false otherwise.


        protected void Receive<T>(Func<T, bool> handler);

if handler return false will the receive actor try to use another handler (down the list) if it matches the type?

Stijn Herreman
Apr 10 2018 08:20
I'm about to attempt running Akka.NET in Azure Service Fabric, as a guest executable. Is it straightforward or will I run into some obstacles?
Arjen Smits
Apr 10 2018 11:12
@stijnherreman if your not using remoting, should be straight forward.
Stijn Herreman
Apr 10 2018 11:13
I am using remoting actually
still reading all the docs about service fabric, so haven't tried anything yet
Apr 10 2018 11:49
@marcpiechura Do you know what flavor of regex is using?
Apr 10 2018 11:54
Is there any way to GoTo previous state in PersistentFSM?
Marc Piechura
Apr 10 2018 12:04
@nbparrell not sure what you mean :)
Apr 10 2018 18:47
I figured it out. Was trying to use a negative backwards lookup and they are not supported by C# from what I have read. @marcpiechura
Apr 10 2018 19:29
I am trying to create a proxyactor, because I have a remote system with references I don't want in all my console apps. But I keep getting this error after the first message
, IWithUnboundedStash
An exception occurred while trying to apply plugin of type Akka.Actor.ActorStashPlugin to the newly created actor (Type = AnalyserService.Actors.Analyser
Cause: System.NotSupportedException: DequeBasedMailbox required, got: Mailbox
I am making the proxy actor like this:
public class ActorProxy : ReceiveActor
    public ActorProxy(string typeName, string actorName, params object[] constructorParameters)
        var actorBaseType = typeof(ActorBase);
        var t = Type.GetType(typeName);

        if (!t.IsSubclassOf(actorBaseType))
            Console.WriteLine($"{t} is not a subtype of actorbase");
            throw new ArgumentException("typeName");

        //try and find an actor by type
        IActorRef targetActor = Context.ActorOf(Props.Create(() => (ActorBase)Activator.CreateInstance(t, constructorParameters)), actorName);

        ReceiveAny((msg) => {
            targetActor.Tell(msg, Sender);
All is well until I make the target actor IWithUnboundedStash
Any ideas?