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Apr 2018
Aaron Stannard
Apr 15 2018 16:22
@caioproiete .... why is the azure blob store the only thing they can use to communicate with each other?
and these actors are running on different processes I take it?
Caio Proiete
Apr 15 2018 16:28
@Aaronontheweb These are remote actors that run in completely separate networks and they cannot see each other due to firewalls, etc. But they can go to a specific place (e.g. Blobstore) where they can both read/write and exchange messages
I could easily serialize my some messages and make it work, but I’d prefer to use the Akka infrastructure
Caio Proiete
Apr 15 2018 16:33
For example, what is the recommended way to use RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, etc. with Akka, so that it becomes the channel where Akka messages go through?
I basically want that, but replacing the channel with something else that will take care of persisting the message to/from Azure Blobstore (or whatever the shared place is)