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Apr 2018
David Zucker
Apr 24 2018 00:02
Hi Guys, I wonder if anyone is aware of an Akka.Net implementation of Akka.Stream for WebSocket like this one ? This should handle two types of stream, Source and Sink
Apr 24 2018 01:26
Has anyone else had any problems loading the tests after the latest release?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Apr 24 2018 04:31
@davzucky no, we haven't ported anything above TCP yet.
Apr 24 2018 15:21
Question about combining router sending broadcast messages using atleastonce delivery. do the broadcast messages arrive to all routees in the same order, as in actor to actor communication? I know there can be different latency, but I care mostly about order not about relative speeds of delivery
Bibek Dawadi
Apr 24 2018 15:23
Hi Guys, I am wondering if there is any recommended pattern to track the progress of the work done by the actor. For instance, we have 1000 files to read, parse, process and write. If I have readerActor, parserActor, processorActor, writeActor what would be the best way to track if all the files are completed. Currently I have custom counter inside each actor. But it gets complicated with actorpools and also when new children actors are created under these actors.
Hyungho Ko
Apr 24 2018 16:01
Could you recommend other transports for Akka.Remote without Dotnetty and Helios?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Apr 24 2018 17:34
@voltcode broadcast router simply pipes the messages to other routees - order delivery is the same as with any other actor-to-actor communication.
@bibekdw there's nothing out of the box for progress. You'd need to implement one by yourself. If you need to track progress in group of actors, you may need something with higher degree of control that simple router, maybe a custom actor
@hhko there's none afaik. In the past there was an based one, but it's probably not in line with the current state of the library
Bibek Dawadi
Apr 24 2018 20:50
Thanks @Horusiath
Onur Gumus
Apr 24 2018 21:51
I am having lot of compatibility issues with latest dotnetty.
David Zucker
Apr 24 2018 23:58
@Horusiath Thank you for your reply. Are you aware of any one looking into it ?