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Jun 2018
Sandeep Chandra
Jun 02 2018 04:13
I am thinking about replacing RabbitMQ with, the reason to do is to reduce the overhead of deploying RabbitMQ, is a good replacement for RabbitMQ?
Sean Farrow
Jun 02 2018 10:12
@sandeepc24 It really depends what your using RabitMQ for, but as a short answer Akka.Clustering could be a good fit depending on your use case. You might want to consider a hybrid approach rather than a full replacement. If you want some advice, PM me and I'll be happy to help.
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Jun 02 2018 16:06
@nathvi I mean, I don't see what you want to compare here. Both node.js and run on computers, that's where the similiarities end
@sandeepc24 RabbitMQ is persistent message queue, something that is not offerred by akka out of the box. On the other side is an actor model programming model, a thing much more invasive for your application engineering practices than just persistent message queue like RabbitMQ