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Jun 2018
Vasily Kirichenko
Jun 30 2018 06:53
@EricFowler enclose code snippets with triple back ticks (```) to format them as code
Jun 30 2018 07:24
@EricFowler Sys is not Akka class, it looks like a property of object which contains tutorial code snippets.
var sys = ActorSystem.Create("tutorial-actor-system");
var firstRef = sys.ActorOf(Props.Create<PrintMyActorRefActor>(), "first-actor");
Jun 30 2018 07:58
@Aaronontheweb is it planned to implement a clean way in TestKit to wait that an actor completes the handling of a message? Currently, after a actor.Tell(something), I need to put a Thread.Sleep() or a await Task.Delay(), which doesn’t look a proper way of testing.. unless I’m missing an existing way to accomplish it. I wouldn’t like to add reply messages just to be able to test the code
Chris Dewar-English
Jun 30 2018 08:42
Hi - hoping for a bit of clarification on something. Should I be able to run both a .NET Framework 4.5.2 node and a .NET Core 2.1 node on the same cluster and have them communicate ok? A .NET Standard shared library for the message objects should work, right?
Vasily Kirichenko
Jun 30 2018 11:54
@babelchips no, this is not suported
Chris Dewar-English
Jun 30 2018 12:19
@vasily-kirichenko Ah ok.
@vasily-kirichenko Is it a serialisation issue?
Arjen Smits
Jun 30 2018 15:19
@babelchips yes. A netstandard 2.0 compatible version is in the works.
Jun 30 2018 16:28
Hey guys... Is there some sort of rule about Priority Mailboxes and Tell/Ask from outside the system? I've got a thing happening where it looks like none of my messages sent from outside the system (directly, i.e. local IActorRef) are going through the mailbox.
the message gets received by the actor, and when the actor gets messages from it's children (The only other thing really inside the system) those do go through the mailbox
Jun 30 2018 20:58
Ahhh.... I think I figured it out. It looks like mailbox gets involved in prioritizing when there is more than one message enqueued to the mailbox!