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Jul 2018
Peter Shrosbree
Jul 31 2018 04:45
I see TypedActor is marked as obsolete in Akka 1.3.8. What is the replacement?
Oh, ignore me. Long day...
Ismael Hamed
Jul 31 2018 08:25
@Havret eeeuuuu!
Shukhrat Nekbaev
Jul 31 2018 10:56
say I have some actor X, it receives the message "Msg", does some processing and replies. When it receives it, it puts it into internal dictionary for the correlation purposes, then asks some other actors, collects the information and before replying removes the entry from the dictionary. I'd like to test that during each internal step dictionary is being correctly updated. What would be the proper approach to test this?
Marc Piechura
Jul 31 2018 15:26
@snekbaev That the actor stores messages in a dictionary should be an implementation detail and as such shouldn’t be tested explicitly, try to find a test case that tests the logic behind it, e.g. if the actor receives the same message twice before the first has been processed, the second one should be ignored or the actor should respond with a special message.
Jul 31 2018 18:44
@snekbaev try reading up on Behaviour Driven Development. Your actors are "black boxes" behaving is some manor. You could approach actor testing a lot like BDD, given a set of already processed events, when command x is raised, then you will expect some outcome. Main focus is actors behave like you need on the outside.
Vagif Abilov
Jul 31 2018 19:07
I have a question about Petabridge.Cmd. Currently it runs in a Powershell console. Are there plans to expose its functionality as an API so it can be integrated in customised cluster monitoring tools? /cc @Aaronontheweb