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Aug 2018
Vasily Kirichenko
Aug 01 2018 10:15
Is Lighthouse mandatory to be used? What if I just deploy 5 nodes, 2 of which are seeds?
Aug 01 2018 11:10
No not mandatory, it's just so you have two well known nodes you can always and easily find
I guess that's where the comes from as well
Check the code, it is a cluster node, without any functional parts, except hosting an akkasystem.
Vasily Kirichenko
Aug 01 2018 11:13
ok, thanks
Vagif Abilov
Aug 01 2018 11:29
@vasily-kirichenko It's not mandatory but we found it convenient for CI process - we always have our Lighthouses running, no need to redeploy them. And other components are updated all the time.
But didn't you experiment with Consul? You can even replace LH with your own discovery tools.
Vasily Kirichenko
Aug 01 2018 11:41
yes, we use Consul discovery on prod, but on a small (~10 nodes) cluster. When I tried to use it on a ~200 nodes cluster, there was an exceptions storm and I rolled back it quickly.
so if I were asked what problem I have with akka, I'd say - consul.
Vasily Kirichenko
Aug 01 2018 11:48
I am just not confident that the current solution can scale. not good. So I'm gonna try Lighthouse for the new project.
Must Lighthouse nodes be updated when I update akka packages?
Shukhrat Nekbaev
Aug 01 2018 12:28
@marcpiechura @AndreSteenbergen thank you
Vagif Abilov
Aug 01 2018 12:38
@vasily-kirichenko AFAIK only when underlying comminication format changes.
Aug 01 2018 12:46
dot netty was upgraded recently, 1.3.8 has a newer dotnetty, so I would recommend updating, if you are using 1.3.8 remote someplace, I would recommend upgrading.
Arjen Smits
Aug 01 2018 13:49
@vasily-kirichenko lately every update to Akka contains some form of improvements to the cluster system. Which means that updating your lighthouse instances as well, is strongly recommended.
Roger Martinez
Aug 01 2018 17:20
Hello everybody!!. I wonder if Akka is able to manage an overflow exception occurred in an actor. It closes the application and it does not execute the supervisor strategy.
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Aug 01 2018 17:38
@vasily-kirichenko would you like to describe this as an issue of github? It's a note worth tracking.
Vagif Abilov
Aug 01 2018 18:32
@regormz_twitter newer versions of NET don't allow catching StackOverflowException in a try-catch block. This is something you have to resolve outside Akka.