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Aug 2018
Sean Killeen
Aug 07 2018 01:23

Hey all, I'm seeing some different behavior in an Akka .NET demo app after upgrading packages. Wondering if some behavior changed that I missed. I'm not confident enough to say that it's an actual issue but I've ruled out everything except the package upgrades I think.

After upgrading from Akka 1.0.8 to 1.3.8, it appears that Sender.Path is unexpectedly identified as deadLetters for an actor that's just receiving text and writing it to the console. In the older version, the path is showing as expected.

I've got repo with a branch that you can pull side by side and compare the upgrades and demos. As far I can tell, the packages are the only things that were updated, and I updated each to the latest stable.


  • Is it worth filing a bug in the Akka repo?
  • Am I missing something?
Sean Killeen
Aug 07 2018 02:30

Update: yes of course I was missing something. :laughing: I was sending messages to actors from within a console app directly instead of another actor. So of course there's no reference to the sender. The difference is that in the old implementation, the Sender was defaulted to akka://all-systems/ which didn't quite alert me to the issue.

So I approve of the current behavior! :thumbsup:

Arjen Smits
Aug 07 2018 06:09
Arsene T. Gandote
Aug 07 2018 09:32

Hello I am getting this error from withing ReceiveAsync :

There is no active ActorContext, this is most likely due to use of async operations from within this actor.Complete

Please assist

Arjen Smits
Aug 07 2018 11:12
how are you using ReceiveAsync ?
im using it alot in some of my projects. but incidentally async await is used in every occasion
Aug 07 2018 20:34
Are you awaiting all async calls? It could also be continuation is on another thread. ConfigureAwait goud help you out, ContinueWith is also tricky, continueing won't have the correct context. Without code it is hard to help.
I got that exception creating a multi threaded SourceLogic, calling actor code in more then one thread, also got these exceptions.