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Aug 2018
Stijn Herreman
Aug 08 2018 14:42 UTC
In FSM.When(...) you can use state.StateData and this.StateData. Is there any reason to prefer one over the other?
Aug 08 2018 16:47 UTC
how should I implement Receive<T> if my T is a generic type? trying to call receive for MyType<int> and MyType<string> doesn't compile
must I use an untyped actor?
Alex Hofer
Aug 08 2018 19:26 UTC
Hey all, if I wanted to increase the timeout of Akka so when I debug using breakpoints my actor systems don't disassociate after a few seconds which setting do I use, I'm using clustering, and theres a few different timeout choices.
Roel Brook
Aug 08 2018 22:45 UTC
Hi all. Small question. The docs on say that "UntypedActor API is recommended for C# 7 users.". Does that mean I should not be using ReceiveActor anymore? At all?