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Aug 2018
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Aug 09 2018 05:18 UTC
@Rainmaker52 no, it's just an advice - since you can switch/case over types in C# 7.
@alexhofer probably a good idea for contribution would be to provide some switch in configuration that will allow to dissassociate debugging from heartbeat timekeeper
Aug 09 2018 05:51 UTC
hello! I would like to use StreamRefs, but it will be available only from 1.4. When are you going to realize 1.4 version?
Lutando Ngqakaza
Aug 09 2018 11:14 UTC
Anyone know what
Rejected to persist event type [Akka.Cluster.Sharding.PersistentShardCoordinator+ShardRegionRegistered] with sequence number [1] for persistenceId [/system/sharding/MyCoordinatorActor/singleton/coordinator] due to [Self referencing loop detected for property 'Provider' with type 'Akka.Cluster.ClusterActorRefProvider'. Path 'Region.Underlying.Mailbox.Dispatcher.Configurator.Prerequisites.Settings.System.Provider.RemoteDaemon'.]
this happens when i switch my cluster persistence from inmem to a sql plugin
Squiggley Woo
Aug 09 2018 11:22 UTC
I really love how just taking the time to ask a question forces you to explain what you are trying to do and the act of doing so solves your problem for you!
Thanks for being my potential Rubber Duck!
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Aug 09 2018 11:31 UTC
@Lutando are you using some custom serializer? My guess is that your persistence serializer is not able to correctly serialize IActorRef
@Ilchert we'll working hard to deliver v1.4. I know that we'll have at least one patch release before them
Roman Golenok
Aug 09 2018 11:34 UTC
Hi guys, where I can find roadmap for Akka-net ?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Aug 09 2018 11:41 UTC

@shersh I don't think there's a written version of actual one. That being said, we have some plans in movement:

For v1.4:

  • A native multi-datacenter cluster support (major blocker right now)
  • StreamRefs
  • Akka streams connectors for IObservables

I know about those, as they are my responsibility. Also somewhere around 1.4-1.5 we want to upgrade to .net core 2.1 / .net standard 2.0. If this will be possible, a native support for DI containers could also happen around then.

Roman Golenok
Aug 09 2018 11:42 UTC
@Horusiath Thanks
Aug 09 2018 11:43 UTC
@Horusiath Thanks! so StreamRefs shouldn't have big changes?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Aug 09 2018 11:44 UTC
The protocol itself uses protobuf for serialization (just like any internal akka communication protocols), so this will introduce new dependency in akka.streams package
Lutando Ngqakaza
Aug 09 2018 11:46 UTC
Thanks @Horusiath you seem to be right, I am using postgresql plugin which uses NewtonSoft I presume
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Aug 09 2018 11:50 UTC
@Lutando check if you have configured ClusterSharding.DefaultConfig as a fallback, it contains definitions for clustersharding serializers
Lutando Ngqakaza
Aug 09 2018 12:11 UTC
I had a look and its nothing out of the ordinary with my root config looking like : {
        json : Akka.Serialization.NewtonSoftJsonSerializer
        akka-sharding : "Akka.Cluster.Sharding.Serialization.ClusterShardingMessageSerializer, Akka.Cluster.Sharding"
        akka-cluster : "Akka.Cluster.Serialization.ClusterMessageSerializer, Akka.Cluster"
      serialization-bindings : {
        "Akka.Cluster.Sharding.IClusterShardingSerializable, Akka.Cluster.Sharding" : akka-sharding
        "Akka.Cluster.IClusterMessage, Akka.Cluster" : akka-cluster
        "Akka.Cluster.Routing.ClusterRouterPool, Akka.Cluster" : akka-cluster
      serialization-identifiers : {
        "Akka.Cluster.Sharding.Serialization.ClusterShardingMessageSerializer, Akka.Cluster.Sharding" : 13
        "Akka.Cluster.Serialization.ClusterMessageSerializer, Akka.Cluster" : 5
Lutando Ngqakaza
Aug 09 2018 16:27 UTC
I am slightly out of ideas :thinking:
Aug 09 2018 16:31 UTC
I am wondering which way is better for dealing with cross cutting concers like validation, logging in my actors: building proxy actors or hijacking messages inside AroundReceive?
Patrick Kelly
Aug 09 2018 16:40 UTC
When using Akka.Remote system hosted on a dynamically assigned TCP port number, is there a way to ask the ActorSystem (or some underlying configuration object) what TCP port number was actually chosen to host that system? I tried having the system create an actor and inspect its path, but apparently the tcp port number was not part of that actor's path. Maybe because, from the perspective of that local system, addressing one of its members did not require tcp transport? I didn't want to bring in Cluster, Lighthouse, etc
Chandra Sekhar Manginipalli
Aug 09 2018 18:29 UTC
@Havret - if you need to create custom loggers, I think you could
Edward Adjei
Aug 09 2018 22:27 UTC
am porting my service to .netcore. any advise how to?