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Aug 2018
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Aug 10 2018 05:09 UTC
@Lutando your config looks ok. Could you set an issue on github? Ideally with isolated scenario to reproduce (that will help fix it faster, and maybe also help yourself to identify an issue). Just to be sure: which version of akka.cluster.sharding are you using? (you should have 1.3.8 prerelese)
@Havret depends on what you want to do there. Sometimes those cross-cutting concerns are related to another actors. But things like validation and logging can be easily done inside actor itself (also akka supports logging etc).
@featuresnap ((ExtendedActorSystem)system).Provider.DefaultAddress.Port - keep in mind, it will be null if not specified.
Aug 10 2018 06:35 UTC
@Horusiath I mostly mean cross-cutting concerns involving cooperation with other actors, like asynchronous validation which require querying the actor model to check if certain domain invariants are satisfied. Currently, I am doing this sort of things inside the actor itself, but I am overwhelmed how this sort of code obscures the actual business logic.
Lutando Ngqakaza
Aug 10 2018 07:03 UTC
absolutely @Horusiath I will try an isolated scenario and maybe that will help, if not I will file a bug with the isolated scenario's sample
Patrick Kelly
Aug 10 2018 12:39 UTC
@Horusiath thank you, exactly what I needed to determine hosting port number.
Lutando Ngqakaza
Aug 10 2018 14:34 UTC
it looks like it is serialization
[WARNING][8/10/2018 2:34:10 PM][Thread 0003][[akka://mysystem/system/sharding/UserAccountAggregateManagerCoordinator/singleton/coordinator#1258714696]] Rejected to persist event type [Akka.Cluster.Sharding.PersistentShardCoordinator+ShardRegionRegistered] with sequence number [495] for persistenceId [/system/sharding/UserAccountAggregateManagerCoordinator/singleton/coordinator] due to [Error getting value from 'Provider' on 'Akka.Actor.Nobody'.].
anyone have a sample of akka cluster sharding working with persistence?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Aug 10 2018 17:05 UTC
@Lutando what persistence engine and which version of akka.cluster.sharding are you using?
Lutando Ngqakaza
Aug 10 2018 19:24 UTC
its PostgreSQL and i think it uses json serialization and that is my main suspicion.
to be honest our domain stuff is working fine on akka persistence its just the cluster sharding persistence not working, our stack uses redis and postgres so i have those options for persistence essentially