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Oct 2018
Oct 30 2018 01:14
Hi, I am wondering how to people typically approach validating the command/model before execution?
I know that does provide a boolean function (on the Receive, Command, etc) to determine whether or not to execute the command. But I have also read that model validation is something that cannot really be guaranteed (so we need expect that there will be issues).
Some of these business rules could be simple (e.g. just check for the existence of something), or could be quite involved.
As I understand it, there are 3 possible ways of doing this sort of thing:
a. using the boolean function to determine if the command can be processed
b. Accepting the command, and putting the actor into a state while it goes away to figure out if it can do something (either by using a blocking Ask, or by having a non blocking conversation with other actors)
c. Performing and validation prior to initiating the command (e.g. pipelining the request, or doing it in a supervisor)
Appreciate any thoughts on this.
Oct 30 2018 07:22
I set three seed-nodes and two clients . Now I want client1 tell a message to client2 . How to write the actorPath ? In config file I set a router.paths . Can I use this param ?
routees.paths = ["/user/routerActor"] Context.ActorSelection("/user/routerActor").Tell(msg); This way can not receive the message.
Michel Balthazar
Oct 30 2018 13:39
Does Anybody know how to get information about each node's application on mediator? I know that there is the GetTopics message, to get all the topics, but we use the PUT message and I noticed that GetTopics doesn´t work when we use PUT.
Oct 30 2018 16:02
Hey, guys!
I've been sucking forever. I have actor system that interacts with ASPNet Core. Thus, I use Ask in order to integrate my controllers with actors system. Everything works fine, until unhandled exception occurs. I use OneForOne strategy with Directive.Restart option and my supervisor restarts failed actor successfully (I see how PreStart and other hooks invoke). But after that any subsequent request is waiting forever.
It seems that my supervisor is still waiting for response for the message that causes failure. Any thoughts in what direction I should move are deeply appreciated! Thanks!
Vagif Abilov
Oct 30 2018 20:10
@managerger what do you mean by "supervisor is waiting for response"? Supervisor is not supposed to receive messages that are sent to its child actor.