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Dec 2018
Aaron Stannard
Dec 04 2018 00:41
@cgstevens wow! that is really cool
and this can work simultaneously across multiple machines?
Chris G. Stevens
Dec 04 2018 03:36
@Aaronontheweb Thanks Aaron!
Well I have only been working on my system but I did run a quick test and my work was in a different domain as well as a copy of my WindowsMonitor, so yes to answer your question :)
I am trying to get a project together that demonstrates all of the AWESOME tools you all have built.
So right now in the solution contains the following services:
Lighthouse - service discovery
Processor (EastCoast/WestCoast) - This is to simulate the Singleton Actor, there can only be one just like highlander :) Basically keeps track of jobs.
Worker (EastCoast/WestCoast) - This demonstrates the ClusterRouterPool and distributes the reading of a line.
WIndowsMonitor - WindowsForms application that allows you to view into the cluster... (just like my other I have created)
WebMonitor - This is using SignalR to funnel message from an actor which is using PubSub Mediator to subscribe to Topics from the Processor and Worker services.
Chris G. Stevens
Dec 04 2018 03:41
If anyone would love to clone my project and make sure it works that would be awesome; LOL :)
You know.. famous last words... works on my box!
Chris G. Stevens
Dec 04 2018 03:55
Ohhhh if you want to run across multiple systems you will need to change the ipaddress in the hocon config to the host ipaddress.
You will need to do this with all members of the cluster so that they know how to talk to each other.
Aaron Stannard
Dec 04 2018 09:01
@jackowild you'd need to write some custom code for that - using wildcard actor selections and a custom message type
@zimayel_gitlab yes, that's correct
we haven't supported that syntax in years
Ilya Komendantov
Dec 04 2018 10:12

Hey guys,
I have data duplication issue when using TCP. I'm sending from "for" loop on client and reply with the same message from akka (echo).
If the message size 15 bytes + 4 for length, everything is perfect (sent 20k messages that is arrived in order and no duplication).
If message size more than that, duplications arrived. The pattern here is 1,2,3,4,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, ... (not always)
From my investigation the issue caused by

  1. <NetworkStream>.WriteAsync(packet, 0, packet.Length).ConfigureAwait(false) on client
  2. <Tcp.Received>.Data.ToArray() on server (akka)

I have a repro project and will send to anyone who volunteers for investigation :)

Alex Michel
Dec 04 2018 10:32
Hi, is there an easy way to get count of actors my actor is currently watching? FullActorState is internal class and doesn't expose _watching.Count?
Dec 04 2018 15:43
@IlyaKomendantov_twitter Can you share the reproduce repo?
Ilya Komendantov
Dec 04 2018 16:55