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Dec 2018
Ilya Komendantov
Dec 05 2018 06:56
@HIPERCUBE I've also captured traffic it shows that client sent 10 messages and got 22 in the reply
remark: this is a localhost
Jan Schoeman
Dec 05 2018 11:30
Hi! I'm looking into options for telemetry and monitoring so I can find bottlenecks.
seeing a lot of stuff for JVM Akka but not so much for AKKA.NET.
Dec 05 2018 11:32
I really want to know that too :)
Phobos is a monitoring and tracing integration for Akka.Net build by @Aaronontheweb
the JVM has the advantage of using AOP like things to weave that stuff into your actors. .NET does not has that advantage
Dec 05 2018 17:33

I also have a problem
Message='' is not a valid type name : 'Akka.Cluster.ClusterActorRefProvider, Akka.Cluster'

my hocon config file:

akka {

stdout-loglevel = DEBUG
loglevel = DEBUG
loggers=["Akka.Logger.Serilog.SerilogLogger, Akka.Logger.Serilog"]
log-config-on-start = on  

actor {
    provider = "cluster"

remote {
    dot-netty.tcp {
            hostname = ""
            port = 8081
            maximum-frame-size = 256000b

cluster {
    seed-nodes = ["akka.tcp://tradex@"] # address of seed node
    roles = ["ordersync", "logger"] # roles this member is in
    role.["ordersync"].min-nr-of-members = 3 # crawler role minimum node count

    # auto downing is NOT safe for production deployments.
    # you may want to use it during development, read more about it in the docs.
    # auto-down-unreachable-after = 10s


Bartosz Sypytkowski
Dec 05 2018 22:57
@senzacionale do you have Akka.Cluster dependency in you project (it's separate nuget package). Also sometimes people are calling their project the same names, as akka packages are named, causing namespace clashes: make sure it's not your case ;)