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Dec 2018
Dec 08 2018 00:44
Does anyone have experience deploy akka cluster in Azure Kubernetes Services?
Dec 08 2018 12:20
Is there any way to enrich PersistentFSM with AtLeastOnceDelivery capabilities?
Dec 08 2018 13:11
@snekbaev I believe it's because one of your services in being quarantined. Akka Remoting is not design to deal with network partitioning.
Shukhrat Nekbaev
Dec 08 2018 13:21
@Havret I don't see quarantine related messages in the console output, only gating for 5s and disassociation due to VM being unable to reach the WebApp. After 5 second WebApp can send another mesage and it will be received and processed, but reply will fail and this behaviour seems to remain until I restart the VM service. In this case association is created from WebApp -> VM. And VM's Akka doens't seem to require to associate back. However, if I restart the WebApp and VM's service sees it (via connection was reset by peer info log message) and try to reconnect, then it associates WebApp -> VM successfully, but at this moment VM's service Akka decides to also associate from itself back to WebApp and this fails which causes disassociation and 5s gating