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Dec 2018
Aaron Dandy
Dec 13 2018 23:32
Maybe somebody can help me out with this: My context is that I am coming from a background where I was playing with Orleans and using Service Fabric (virtual) actors. I understand that Akka actors are not virtual but what I don't understand is how I avoid running out of RAM. I'm assuming there is some pattern involving the actor hierarchy but I can't find a clean way to understand how that would look in practice. If I have a parent manage the lifetimes of the child actors, reactivating them and putting them to sleep, that sounds like a bit more work for lazy old me. And if I get a bit more motivation I still have a problem where I am making a parent actor a single bottleneck for messaging. What am I missing? What does a long lived actor system look like? How are you all approaching problems where you have new entities appearing in a system and slowly fading out of common use but not vanishing entirely?