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Dec 2018
Ismael Hamed
Dec 14 2018 07:49

@aarondandy I see two main design patterns, depending on your use case:

1) Actors with identity (like users, games, devices, etc), when you need to evenly distribute actors across the nodes in a cluster. Also, see passivation in cluster sharding for getting actor out of memory when they're idle.
2) Routers, for those cases in which you just need a bunch of actors to perform some work in a load-balancing fashion. If you need to route work with a certain key to the same routee, see the ConsistentHashing routers.

Otherwise, I think you're pretty much on your own when it comes to managing an actor lifecycle.

Dec 14 2018 21:26
Is it possible to use akka persistance without binary serialization? I mean to persist events in event journal (sql server) in human readable way?