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Dec 2018
Dec 19 2018 01:24
@angrybug Thanks so much!
Now it works :)
Dec 19 2018 14:21
When using Become, for some reason one of my Receive never gets triggered and the message ends up Unhandled. Anyone an idea what I could be doing wrong? Checked the type, and it's 100% correct. It feels like my last Receive doesn't replace the previous one or something.
Chris G. Stevens
Dec 19 2018 22:20
After my demo at work I was ask how Akka.Net comes to service mesh. The implementation to compare is Istio.
Can you even compare the two? I have some reading to do but figure I would ask if anyone know about what concepts overlap and why use one over the other.
Besides the fact it doesn't do anything with Actors.. more of the managing of the microservices I guess... Will need to read up on it.
Any info would be great! I am trying to sell Akka.Net here at my new place of work. Had the first part of my demo today which I felt like it went really well.
Will finish tomorrow but this was one of the questions.