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Dec 2018
Dec 29 2018 12:02
@angrybug i had the same issue but to store the events for different boundary context a single akka system acting as a platform. I could handle it with the properties of Eventsourced.SnapshotPluginId, and Eventsourced.JournalPluginId. But of course it would be still a problem when u split the storage by tenants and have hundreds of them. Maybe there is a easy why to add/remove PersistentPlugins at runtime. One good extension would be to use persistent proxies that relay the events to a tenant-persistent-store actor system, so software versions would be decoupled by tenants.
I have a conflict of approach where i need some help. I have one pull-feed of transactions from an external source. That need to by queried every 5sec.
Dec 29 2018 12:08
Normaly the timestamp of the last query is stored as a key/value pair somewhere (redis). But that would be near only thing that is stored there, rest would be all realized over eventsourcing
My question would be how to save the last-query-stamp over eventsourcing without boiling it over with events/data?
Ilya Komendantov
Dec 29 2018 13:14
Hey guys, I have two sources (ReadJournal.EventsByPersistenceId), first source produces events and I take the Ids from those events and need to get the events from the second source by these ids. Are there best practices how one can do that?
Maciek Misztal
Dec 29 2018 20:52
hi all, can anyone tell me if usage of persistent actors is mandatory with Akka.Cluster.Sharding? I'm looking to distribute a bunch of stateless actors that 'do work' - I don't see need to add persistence support, unless mandatory