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Jan 2019
Michael Dadashyan
Jan 03 16:53
hello, I have a quick question. Is it possible to traverse actor hierarchy to produce a sort of report of all actors created?
I have my top level actor and I can get list of all children by using Context.GetChildren() but it returns a list of IActorRefs, and I have no idea how to get grandchildren.
that will do a print out of the entire actor hierarchy and can be used to query remote actor hierarchies as well
Michael Dadashyan
Jan 03 17:01
@Aaronontheweb Thanks, I will check out the Petabridge.Cmd. I assume there is no way to produce same output from within actor system itself?
Aaron Stannard
Jan 03 17:34
@mebymyself nothing built directly into Akka.NET, no
because the state of the actor hierarchy isn't centralized
it's decentralized - every actor only knows about its children and its parent
so painting a picture of what the entire hierarchy looks like actually requires a bit of scatter-gather messaging all the way up and down
the Petabridge.Cmd actor hierarchy is doing just that under the hood