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Jan 2019
Jan 08 15:38
we're using the default json serializer atm, is there a way to switch to msgpack without losing the previous data stored that was serialized in json?
Aaron Stannard
Jan 08 15:51
@BertLamb don't think so
since those values can't change inside the ActorCell while the ReceiveAsync await statements are being evaluated
Aaron Stannard
Jan 08 16:27
@bbrandtnerdery I'll see if I can get your SO question answered
Ismael Hamed
Jan 08 18:06
@Aaronontheweb Is anyone monitoring the Alpakka repo? I know you guys are busy, just asking
Arjen Smits
Jan 08 20:31
@ismaelhamed took a look at your recent PR's both have build errors. Sorry im not used to appveyor. Can't really tell whats going on at a glance.
Looks like something with the sns tests