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Jan 2019
Jan 09 07:51

I have an issue regarding cluster. After running 2-3 days without errors. For some reason I get nodes being down. After restart they don't rejoin the cluster. In the logs I see a constant stream of the same akka message.

  1. Received InitJoin message
  2. Sending InitJoinNack message from node
  3. New incarnation of existing member

The node never gets a welcome, and lighthouse node constantly throws these messages with a 5 second (or so) interval. What could be the cause? Unreachable leader, is this a split brain issue? I don't understand why a restarted node is not able to rejoin the cluster. I am running 1.3.10 with dotnetty handlers 0.6. I don't know how to reproduce this, except for running the cluster and let the nodes do their job until some hickup of some sort. dmesg doesn't reveal issues about out of memeory stuff.

Ismael Hamed
Jan 09 09:01
C:\projects\alpakka\tools\FAKE\tools\FAKE.exe : The specified framework version 'C:\Users\appveyor\.nuget\packages\dotnet-xunit\2.3.1\tools\netcoreapp1.0\xunit.console.dll' could not be parsed
@Danthar that value is not even close to an actual .net version
Not sure where it's taking it. Build RunTestspassed in my machine though.
Arjen Smits
Jan 09 10:14
thats wierd... Strange thing is though. its only failing on your PR's the others are fine.
Check that. @Horusiath kinesis PR is also failing with the same error
could be a global env thingy in the appveyor CI.
Ismael Hamed
Jan 09 10:17
Yep, I was about to tell you, the Amazon Kinesis' PR is failing with the same reason
Lutando Ngqakaza
Jan 09 10:38
Can anyone point me in the direction of the akka actor tests which test that actors on recovery receive a snapshot, if they took a snapshot before being poisoned.
Jan 09 10:51
My PR update fails to build as well. also fake.exe
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Jan 09 16:31
Infrastructure 2019: when you change nothing, and things start to fail spontaneously :P
@AndreSteenbergen do you have any split brain strategy set up?
Ismael Hamed
Jan 09 19:16
@Danthar I've sent a PR to fix the tests failing. Seems to do the trick.
Arjen Smits
Jan 09 20:02
Peter Huang
Jan 09 21:15
@AndreSteenbergen I had similar issue that went away after update: akkadotnet/