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Jan 2019
Anton Fernando
Jan 10 07:06
anyone know how to create a custom mqtt stream for akka net?
Jan 10 10:58
@Horusiath not on purpose ... Just standard config hocon for working with clusters, I have my cluster upgraded to 1.3.10 with .net handlers on 0.6. I am trying a new release with 1.3.11 this afternoon. I will look into split brain strategy. I was trying to stop 1 lighthouse and restart it. But ran into the issue described.
Onur Gumus
Jan 10 11:37
What is the idiomatic way to load a hocon file in a .net core project ?
in regards to
Jan 10 12:10
Don't know if it the way to do it, but I load config like this
static void Main(string[] args)
        var config = HoconLoader.FromFile(args?.FirstOrDefault() ?? "./config.hocon");
And in a shared project:
public static class HoconLoader
    public static Config FromFile(string path)
        return ConfigurationFactory.ParseString(File.ReadAllText(path));
shango man
Jan 10 23:26
Argh fat fingers. Looking through history, I have seen references to Service Fabric deployment, bit no definitive responses. Is SF a recommended deployment target. If so would it be as a stateless service or hosted exe. Many thanks