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Jan 2019
Jan 13 08:52
@Horusiath I configured all nodes like this, my cluster isn't really dynamically sized, so I am going for keep-oldest. Is that a good idea?
    cluster {
            #will inject this node as a self-seed node at run-time
            seed-nodes = ["akka.tcp://claxe@", "akka.tcp://claxe@"]
            roles = ["tracker","crawlanalyser","initializer","productanalyser"]

            failure-detector {
                    threshold = 15.0
                    min-std-deviation = 250 ms

            split-brain-resolver {
                    active-strategy = keep-oldest

                    keep-oldest {
                            # Enable downing of the oldest node when it is partitioned from all other nodes
                            down-if-alone = on

                            # if the 'role' is defined the decision is based only on members with that 'role',
                            # i.e. using the oldest member (singleton) within the nodes with that role
                            role = "lighthouse"