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Jan 2019
Jan 14 09:17

Question regarding the lighthouse/voting mechanism...

Whilst developing locally I frequently debug/exit processes which inevitably causes unreachable nodes. I had been using the pbm tool to clear these manually as I assumed the absence of enough running nodes was preventing the voting mechanism from cleaning up correctly.

My attempt at fixing this was to deploy 5 lighthouse nodes. Unfortunately this still seems to have the same issue as only having one lighthouse node.

Does anyone have any recommendations for working locally?

[Unspecified/localhost:9110] pbm> cluster show
akka.tcp:// | [client-configuration-v1] | up | unreachable
akka.tcp:// | [client-api-v1] | up | unreachable
akka.tcp://imburse@lighthouse-1:4053 | [lighthouse] | up |
akka.tcp://imburse@lighthouse-2:4054 | [lighthouse] | up |
akka.tcp://imburse@lighthouse-3:4055 | [lighthouse] | up |
akka.tcp://imburse@lighthouse-4:4056 | [lighthouse] | up |
akka.tcp://imburse@lighthouse-5:4057 | [lighthouse] | up |
Arjen Smits
Jan 14 13:55
For ppl interested in Alpakka and akka.streams connectors
Aaron Stannard
Jan 14 16:41
@QwerSense not a chat application, but does use SignalR and Akka.NET on .NET Core: