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Jan 2019
Jan 16 10:39
I'm receiving an Unhandled message, even though I am 100% sure I subscribe to it. Any ideas why this might happen?
Jan 16 10:53
nevermind me, while refactoring ended up with duplicates
Nick Polyderopoulos
Jan 16 11:09
Hello guys, I'm experiencing a problem with unit testing my supervisor strategy.

It seems that while i am using

                ignore), ActorNames.SupervisorActor)

and trying to read that the excpection happened with

EventFilter.Exception<NullReferenceException>().ExpectOne(() =>
                loggerMock.Verify(log => log.Error(It.IsAny<Exception>()), Times.Once);


                ExpectMsg<LogExceptionMessage>((msg) =>
                        loggerMock.Verify(log => log.Error(It.IsAny<Exception>()));


EventFilter runs the ExpectOne with any kind of Exception even if i didnt throw that kind of exception. and the supervisor has not yet send the real message

Aaron Stannard
Jan 16 16:18
I'll try to check back on these unanswered questions here later today - kind of dealing with some hot potatoes otherwise :p
also, I'm working on a re-imagining of the AtLeastOnceDeliveryActor base class:
literally just started on it but that's my project for today
TL;DR;, I hate the way this class uses Akka.Persistence - it's always felt off to me
trying it my way to see if I can improve the experience
Boris Lange
Jan 16 23:42
hey everyone, i have tried to get a quick cluster sharding sample going, but when i use lighthouse for seeding i get following error as soon as seed nodes and shard nodes start to communicate: " Cannot find serializer with id [13]. The most probable reason is that the configuration entry '' is not in sync between the two systems."
i have tried setting "state-store-mode" to ddata but that throws the same error but the mentioned serializer id switches to 12
googling the issue resulted in and old issue where it is mentioned to use wire serializer but that seems outdated