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Jan 2019
Boris Lange
Jan 17 07:32
mhh nevermind, i forgot to call .WithRole() on clustershardsettings ..
Peter Huang
Jan 17 15:20

Need some help with CurrentEventsByTag - is it just me not getting the API or is it borked? So I persist 200 events, checked the event store (sqlite) to make sure they're all there, now run the query. But only 100 comes back before the stream completes.


If I understand what it's supposed to be doing - it should exhaust events until it stablises, i.e. while you're reading the stream, if new events get added, they'll still get picked up. Until such time others quit adding to the journal and you get to the end. Unlikely as it may be, if others keep adding events, it may never finish. Is that right?

From the looks of things, SequenceNr and Ordering columns are getting muddled up?

Jan 17 16:27
Am I right in thinking that if the last seed node in a cluster leaves, all other nodes are effectively in an "orphaned" cluster as they won't try connecting to any of the configured seed nodes again and there is no way to "unsplit" the cluster?